Nurse Call - Security - Low Voltage - Fiber

Integrity Installations Experts (I.I.E) has extensive experience with
  • The installation of wireless and wired emergency alert systems for life safety assurance, security monitoring, environment awareness and mass notification within the senior housing communities, skilled nursing facilities, and acute care facilities.
  • Low voltage wiring installation to power a wide range of devices and systems, including security systems, telecommunications, data, telephone, audio and video equipment, lighting controls, and more.
  • Underground fiber optic cable installation using plowing, trenching, multi-directional bore, or directional bore techniques.
  • Aerial fiber optic cable installation using new pole attachment or overlashing.
Our great team of more than 25 specialists.
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To provide quality products and outstanding service to our customers, to treat our customers and employees in a respectful manner, and to be a positive influence in the community.

Specialists in Low Voltage Systems

Nurse Call Systems
We install and service a full range of healthcare sensors and alert systems that safeguard patient well-being.
Security Systems
We install, integrate and service commercial security systems with the latest technology.
Low Voltage Systems
We provide professional installation and design services for low voltage and network systems.
Underground and Aerial Fiber
We provide professional installation and design services for underground and aerial fiber.

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